About HCMC Open University

Welcome to HCMC Open University

Associate Professor Nguyen Minh Ha
Deputy Rector
Ho Chi Minh City Open University
Chair of the VBER2018 Organising

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Ho Chi Minh City Open University.

At Ho Chi Minh City Open University, we are dedicated to promoting a society with active learning by offering the most flexible arrangements to students using the most appropriate and effective methods of education. As an applied research university in Vietnam, we have developed a research agenda that aims to introduce empirical and scientific evidence to the public domain that will stimulate and enhance the quality of public debate on policy matters that have implications for business, the economy, biotechnology and science in Vietnam.

I encourage you to find out more about how Ho Chi Minh City Open University can help you reach your potential.

About OU

Established in 1990 and become a public university in 2006, Ho Chi Minh City Open University now appears to be one of the high-ranking public universities in Vietnam. It would be the first open university in Vietnam and be governed by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Ho Chi Minh City Open University would have professional environment, multidisciplinary courses, and full responsibilities for training undergraduate and graduate students by offering them with formal training, continuing education and satellite training sites. Most prevalent courses would be taught by qualified local and international lecturers with an emphasis on applied research. As such, a number of seminars and conferences have been organized, providing students with a great opportunity to present their research findings and to access to the professional learning network.

Mission Vision Core Values
HCMCOU is dedicated to promoting an active learning society by offering the most flexible and obtainable methods of education to students. By 2023, HCMCOU continues to strive to be a leading public inter-disciplinary university in Vietnam with priorities in practice-oriented education, knowledge promulgation and public engagement. Meanwhile, distance education will affirm its identity in the region.
  • Knowledge enrichment.
  • Applicability.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Public engagement.
  • Professionalism, effectiveness, creativeness and hospitality.

Contact OU

97 Vo Van Tan Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
Telephone: +84 8 3930 0210
Fax: +84 8 3930 0083
E-mail: ou@ou.edu.vn
Website: www.ou.edu.vn